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Sharon did an amazing job helping me to develop an approach to turn a dark and gloomy house in Gordon Point Estates into one that I really love. Her colour and design suggestions made sense to me and fit with my traditional furniture. I liked that I didn’t have to throw anything out as Sharon just knew how to make everything work together to create something truly amazing. If I ever move again, Sharon will be one of my first calls for help.


Marilyn Rook C.H.E.

President & CEO

Toronto Grace Health Centre


I have known Sharon for many years and can attest to her wonderful

sense of space and colour. She has an inherent skill to create her own

masterpiece whenever she works her magic with decorating or furnishing.

She's a perfectionist who gets it right! She loves what she does and the

results speak for themselves.



Barry F. Kelly

Associate Broker

Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty





Our Rates



$50 per hour


For all other services an estimate will be provided.



Movers will provide you with a checklist of things to do prior to your move and will offer packing services for a charge.  What most people do not know, however, is that their packers are paid by the weight. Items can be unnecessarily padded with packing paper to increase the weight, thereby increasing your costs.  In addition, movers will fill each box with items without regard to the type of item or its destination in your new home.  If you book the movers to unpack you, that is all they will do.  Your belongings will not be stored in cupboards and cabinets, leaving tables and countertops cluttered for your arrival.


We will photograph your belongings prior to packing and, in consultation with you, determine what items should be packed in which boxes to minimize the mess and maximize the efficiency of unpacking. If you wish, we will unpack and place your things where they belong in your new home. We will arrange for all boxes and packing material to be removed from your home.  We also can liaise with your movers if you wish.


If you are downsizing, with the aid of AutoCad, we can help you decide which of your furnishings will fit into your new home. We can also assist you in discarding extra items and/or arranging for temporary storage.


Minor improvements can make a big difference in the price and the speed of a sale. We have the experience to look over your house and make simple recommendations for changes that will expedite the selling process. If some work is necessary, we have the highest quality people to provide you with first rate service and give you the “best bang for your buck”. We can help you choose a new look or you may simply ask for a referral.  We can manage the completion of the work, or you may prefer to do so yourself.


After many years in your home, you may have become comfortable with, what to outsiders might seem like clutter. We can take a fresh look at your décor and suggest clearing out some of your furniture and/or belongings to give your home a new and airy look.  We also can help with staging your home prior to selling to assist you in obtaining top dollar.


If you are new to Victoria and plan on renovating while living in another city, we can site manage your project. This can be as simple as letting your chosen trades in and locking up after them, or as complex as providing you with a contractor and liaising with him and the various trades. We also can assist you by suggesting changes that might enhance the enjoyment of your new home. This could include anything from minor redecoration suggestions to developing demolition and construction plans.